My New Cube

So you have received a QR-Cube. Congratulations!

If you ordered it for yourself, you probably read up about QR-Cubes, and may have already programmed your cube while it was in transit to you.

If you got your cube as a gift, then you should read the How It Works page to see how QR-Cubes work and what they can do for you.

If your cube was programmed by the sender, you should scan it and see what they have sent you.  It is a gift after all!

Editing Your QR-Cube Gift

If you received access codes from the sender, then they have given you control over the content on your own cube and want you to program it as you like.  (They can no longer access your cube).

If you did not receive access codes with your QR-Cube gift, then it may be that whomever sent it to you wants to control access to the content and show you new stuff from time to time! (You will have to get them to transfer control if you want to edit or program your cube).

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