Care and Feeding

Your QR-Cube is made of Maple or a similar North American Hardwood. It has been kiln dried and formed into a cube.

Cubes are Coded, Sanded, and then finished with a Water-Based Lacquer. Augmented Cubes, those with brown painted dots and/or white inked sides are similarly coated for durability.

Blow off dust or use a light dust cloth to clean your cube. Please don’t use any cleaners or solvents as they may affect the lacquer.

All our Wooden cubes will enjoy slight variations in woodgrain and finish, as that is the nature of wood. All natural wood cubes have been test scanned and meet minimum requirements for scanning. Cube that fail the test process are Augmented and tested again before becoming available.

If you drop your cube, it may dent, which should not affect scanability. It is just as likely that it will dent whatever it hits – it is hardwood after all.

If your cube should be damaged or destroyed… there may be help! Individually coded Cubes that return to the Cube Matrix can sometimes be rejuvenated or in drastic cases, may be able to be ‘reincarnated’. This is a special case and you will need to contact us to see about it.

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