Meet Ups

We love the idea of Meet Ups. During our ‘formative time’, which this very much is, for us – we’ll need to do that here in Calgary Alberta.

If you want to have a digital meet up, we can do that through Skype or perhaps a live UStream (or You Tube) session.

If you are meeting up elsewhere, let us know! Maybe we can attend electronically, help organize or help get the word out.

One Response to Meet Ups

  1. Kat Prawl says:

    What about meetups in a virtual world? is probably the easiest grid to access, even if one has never visited a VW. We could create a dedicated QR-Cube world there for free to start with, and if it proves popular, set one up that offers free access for interested people. (Normally Kitely members have to pay for time spent in world one way or another, but a world owner can “sponsor” visitors if they want to, several different ways.)

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