Cube Matrix

The Matrix exists in Cyberspace, but is accessed by Cube owners through the Access tab when they are logged in or by scanning a QR-Cube.

QR-Cube programming must be done on the website, although it is a function we hope to add to the scanning interface at some point.

Admin Side – QR-Cube Programming Interface:

To view your cube(s), program or edit them, or view the history of where and when they were scanned, Click to Login – Access Your Cube(s) This link takes you to our Shop/Cube Matrix website.  Click to View Full Size.

Cube Listing

Cube Edit Screen

Cube Scan History







Scan Side – What You See When You Scan an Unprogrammed Cube Side:

From a scan of a non-forwarded Cube side, a limited interface lets you see what cube it is you have scanned, and view it’s scan history – you can even add a note to your scan and correct the guessed location. Click to View Full Size.

Scan CM Main Page


Scan CM Breadcrumb Page

Scan CM History Page

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