Meet the QR-Cube, so much more than just a Regular Hexahedron!

The QR-Cube is a solid wooden cube with smart-phone scannable QR codes etched into it’s sides. These codes however, are a bit different, they are programmable! That’s right, programmable wood!

Each QR-Cube and its codes are totally unique, so only you can log into the ‘Cube Matrix’ and program the sides of your cube to scan to wherever you like.

The QR-Cube can be programmed with your favorite links and sit on your desk as a sort of Vanity Cube, but since each side of the QR-Cube can be programmed as often as you like, why stop there?…

As a Gift Cube, program it to whatever websites your partner loves.

As an Event Cube, It can start out as an announcement, then an invitation, then through the steps until the event is done, then it can become a ink to a photo gallery as a memento to the event.

As a Business Cube it can be programmed to deliver incentives, special offers or deals.

One of my favorites is using a QR-Cube as a Wedding Cube… It’s an announcement, then an invitation, then a link to gift registries, maps of the ceremony, menu at the reception, follow up with personal Thank Yous, Gallery Links and… well, you get the idea. It’s a memento that can change with the times. Then, when it’s all done it can remain with your guests as a gallery and keepsake.

Or how about programming a QR-Cube as a ‘clue sheet’ for corporate scavenger-hunt or team-building exercises?

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