Yes, you can hang a cube as an ornament, but what will you program it to say? Whatever you want! -Neil    

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It needs to be something special?  Don’t worry, there are lots of possibilities! Program the cube with links to things she loves. Links to possible vacation destinations. Photos from the last vacation.  Make it a game where she has to …

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So you arrive at the pub and the waitress is busy, and you can’t see the specials from where you are. No worries, there is a QR-cube on the table. You scan it and get this weeks specials…  Or the …

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We wanted to do a little local promotion, so we whipped up a 5′ Cube that rides on the back of the truck. What do you think?

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The Conference Cube

Using QR-Cube as a ‘Conference Cube’ It can starts as a program or schedule, then can be programmed live during the conference with links to relevant information. Your attendees can bookmark references as they go through the conference. If there is …


Welcome to the Qr-Cube Website

This is the page you get to when you scan the cube in the last frame of our Indiegogo video.  We though it might be a nice way to show you one of the abilities of the QR-Cube. The site …



This page will always have the latest project we’re working on. At the moment, the QR-Cube Indiegogo launch is -THE- Project! View it below or see it on <iframe src=”″ width=”224px” height=”429px” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>


‘Meet the QR-Cube’, A Possible Kickstarter Main Graphic

Each QR-Cube is a one-of-a-kind solid wood collectible that you can edit to access anything online. What will you do with your QR-Cube?


The Wedding Cube

One of my favorite ideas is using a QR-Cube as a wedding cube… It starts as an announcement, then becomes an invitation, then perhaps a link to gift registries, a notice for the bridal shower or the bachelor party, maybe a …


Q. How can I give several clients/friends the same cube?

Several ways actually. 1. Today, we can custom make a special set of QR-cubes for you, with one Cube Matrix entry that programs the entire set. We call this a ‘Fleet’ of QR-cubes. 2. If the codes are regular QR-Codes …