How they Work

Some Background on QR-Codes and Qr-Cubes.

A 2D QR Code

A standard ‘QR Code’ is 2 Dimensional and most often found in Print Ads, on Posters, Products and Magazines, although they are now seem to be showing up everywhere – on vehicles, buildings and even as tatoos!

Their purpose has always been to give a Quick-Response to a scan from a smart-phone that sends you directly to the website for the thing that you scanned.


A 3D QR Cube

A 3 Dimensional QR Cubeis a solid cube with up to six standard QR Codes etched into some or all of it’s sides.

The sides can also have graphics, text or logos on them to help show where they are from even before you scan them.

Oh, and yes, we make these as well!


A ‘3D+’ QR Cube

Our QR-Cubes stretch beyond the 3RD Dimension and allow you to set where each side points to to on the internet.

Our ‘Cube Matrix’ takes the scan of a side of our specially encoded cube and side and sends whoever scanned the side cube to wherever you want them to go. And you can change where it goes as often as you like!

This opens up infinite possibilities…

So what you do with a Multi-Dimensional QR-Cube is pretty much up to you!


Your Cube:
1. Choose a QR Cube
2. Enter the Matrix and Program your Cube
3. Scan & Enjoy!

Repeat steps 2 and 3 as desired.

Their Cube:
1. Choose a QR Cube
2. Enter the Matrix and Program their Cube
3. Give the gift and Enjoy!

You can repeat steps 2 and 3 or give the cube recipient the ability to reprogram their cube themselves!

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