How to Make a Rustic Wooden Scrapbook / Binder

I’ve often been asked how I make the wooden binders that I use to hold my wood plans. The trick is in finding the right hinge and then coming up with a design that is useful, will last and is not ugly.

My son offered to shoot a quick video, so here is his first production effort and our video on how to make a wooden binder or scrapbook.

If you try it yourself, please upload you results so we can share them.


P.S. Here is a quick plan and parts list…


P.P.S. Here are the cut list changes for different sized rings!

1/2″ Binder Rings… Spline 1-11/16″ Insert 15/16″
1″ Binder Rings… Spline 2-1/4″ Insert 1-9/16
1.5″ Binder Rings… Spline 2-7/8″ Insert 2-1/8″
2″ Binder Rings… Spline 3-3/8″ Insert 2 5/8″

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