New Parts Added During January


Lots of often-asked-for parts and solutions became part of the Small Box Hardware line this month. All are in Stock and ready to ship. Here is breakdown with links!

Clipboard Clips:

H882 – 6” Nickel Jumbo Clipboard Clip

H861 – 4 3/8” Large Brass Clipboard Clip

H812 – 2” Nickel Mini Clipboard Clips

Antique Latch:

Our popular C531 but in an antique brass finish…C534 – 1 1/8” Width X 1 1/4” Height Snap Catch, Small Antique Br. Finish
(This should be available in Nickel next month as well)!

Pronged Brass Catch:

Our top of the line catch, the C701 but in a pronged version.C261 – 1” Width X 5/8” Height Pronged Dec. Latch Catch, Brass Finish

Binder Ring:

Our top of the line catch, the C701 but in a pronged version.R352 – 1” Capacity, 9.5″ Size, Nickel Plated Binder Ring

Two Inexpensive Fastening Solutions

We are continually asked how to fasten Clipboard clips and Binder Rings to thinner materials. While our L14x are an elegant solution, they are pricey and will not fit materials thinner than 1/8″. Here are two inexpensive and practical solutions. (Watch for an article on application in the blog – coming soon).

1/8″ to 1/4″ Aluminum Chicago Screws (Screw Posts)

Brass, Nickel and Antique Nickel Double Cap Rivets 1/8″ and up!

All of the new standard parts are available on our main website,

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